Artwork by MB

Hi, I draw and animate - yay!
Ringling Computer Animation Class of 2013
Designer and Collector of Toys.

Keylime!! Finally settled on his design. I’ll have to recreate the after effects puppet with the new art so I can do some more cute animations with him! :D

I’m extremely excited for my Halloween costume this year. Can’t wait to run around and whack Scratchy with my club :P

Now I just need to find more LA Halloween parties *3*

Sorry for the lack of artwork- I’ve been crazy busy adjusting to my new life out here in CA! :D I love it here!!! <3

I’ve been slowly (very slowly) working on a character sheet for Keylime when I get home in the evenings. Here’s one of the views, hopefully I’ll have it all ready tomorrow!

Sketch trade with charcoalfeathers !!

Sketch trade with eden-egg !

Dahlia teaching Luca science (and some explosions!!)

I’m in LA!!

SO HAPPY! My cat and I have made it to sunny California! I finally had some delicious ramen oh my god, *3* Ace is all settled in surprisingly faster than I would have thought. Now I just got to wait for all my packages to arrive on Wed. 

I’m so relieved that I’m finally here, now begins all the fun! I’m going to go to all the hip gallery shows, conventions and fancy shmancy places.

Sketch trade with inkcartoon !!

Sorry I’m taking so long with these, packing up the last of my stuff to move to CA tomorrow!

Sketch trade for tg-i!

I’m home for a little while before CA! Ace has been super pissed. My dog, Princess won’t let him come down the stairs, she just chases him right back up there. I guess she got used to being the king of the house. Luckily, Ace will have his own apartment in a few days!

4 days until LA!! *__*!

Here’s the gif version of my Loop de Loop entry!

Angry Birds Stella is OUT!!!

WOOO! I’m excited! It’s so freakin cool, lots of cute gameplay and animations! And gosh the art is pretty *3* Go download Angry Birds Stella, and if you’ve got your hands on some Telepods toys, you can unlock the different outfits I worked on! It’s so cool seeing the designs I made come to life in the game *_*

My first submission to a Loop de Loop! Super excited! :D For this month’s theme, childhood.

Inspired by my love of catching fireflies as a kid, and the coolest park in NJ, Cattus Island. I used to live in walking distance to it, and I have lots of great memories of that place. When I was really little the water reeds would tower way over my head! The place always felt magical.

Wanted to keep the animation minimal to focus more on the environment.

Photoshop and AE

Scrolling through my old DA today. I’ve definitely drawn myself many different ways over the years. This was how I drew my online persona during 7th grade - freshman year of highschool. What an angsty lil’ punk ass I was haha. Classy floating wings and a demon tail, I thought I was super original but in reality every other persona on the oekaki boards looked similar :P

Pumpkin dude! Halloween is coming *3*